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Plasma Medicine: Applications of Low-Temperature Gas Plasmas in Medicine and Biology

13.06.2012  Plasma Medicine
                  Applications of Low-Temperature Gas Plasmas in Medicine and Biology
                  Edited by: M. Laroussi, Old Dominion University, Virginia
                  Edited by: M. G. Kong, Loughborough University
                  Edited by: G. Morfill, Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik, Garching, Germany
                  Edited by: W. Stolz, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen

                  Publication date:May 2012
                  140 b/w illus. 15 tables
                  Dimensions: 247 x 174 mm
                  Weight: 0.87kg

                  The introduction of low temperature plasma technology to medical research and to the healthcare arena in general is set to revolutionise the way we cure diseases. This innovative medium offers a valid and advantageous replacement of traditional chemical-based medications. Its application in the inactivation of pathogens in particular, avoids the recurrent problem of drug resistant microorganisms. This is the first book dedicated exclusively to the emerging interdisciplinary field of plasma medicine. The opening chapters discuss plasmas and plasma chemistry, the fundamentals of non-equilibrium plasmas and cell biology. The rest of the book is dedicated to current applications, illustrating a plasma-based approach to wound healing, electrosurgery, cancer treatment and even dentistry. The text provides a clear and integrated introduction to plasma technology and has been devised to answer the needs of researchers from different communities. It will appeal to graduate students and physicists, engineers, biologists, medical doctors and biochemists.

Table of Contents

                  Foreword R. Satava and R. J. Barker
                  Part I. Introduction to Non-equilibrium Plasma, Cell Biology, and Contamination: 1. Introduction M. Laroussi
                  2. Fundamentals of non-equilibrium plasmas M. Kushner and M. Kong
                  3. Non-equilibrium plasma sources M. Laroussi and M. Kong
                  4. Basic cell biology L. Greene and G. Shama
                  5. Contamination G. Shama and B. Ahlfeld
                  Part II. Plasma Biology and Plasma Medicine: 6. Common healthcare challenges G. Isbary and W. Stolz
                  7. Plasma decontamination of surfaces M. Kong and M. Laroussi
                  8. Plasma decontamination of gases and liquids A. Fridman
                  9. Plasma-cell interaction: prokaryotes M. Laroussi and M. Kong
                  10. Plasma-cell interaction: eukaryotes G. Isbary, G. Morfill and W. Stolz
                  11. Plasma based wound healing G. Isbary, G. Morfill and W. Stolz
                  12. Plasma ablation, surgery, and dental applications K. Stalder, J. Woloszko, S. Kalghatgi, G. McCombs, M. Darby and M. Laroussi
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Plasma Medicine: Applications of Low-Temperature Gas Plasmas in Medicine and Biology