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Ряд журналов приглашает к бесплатной публикации

  Dear Professor/Author, 

   For encouraging global academic exchange, would like to invite you
to submit your papers before Apr. 30, 2017 and enjoy publication
without charge.

       If you submit articles in our journals before April 30th, 2017,
you can publish them without charge.

   List of Journals

      American Journal of Materials Research (ISSN: 2375-3919)

   International Journal of Modern Physics and Application (ISSN: 2375-3870)

   International Journal of Geophysics and Geochemistry (ISSN: 2381-1099)

   AASCIT Journal of Physics (ISSN: 2381-1358)

   AASCIT Journal of Materials (ISSN: 2472-9736)

   International Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
(ISSN: 2375-3927)

   Journal of Materials Sciences and Applications (ISSN: 2381-0998)

   AASCIT Journal of Nanoscience (ISSN: 2381-1234)

   Engineering and Technology (ISSN: 2381-1072)

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Ряд журналов приглашает к бесплатной публикации