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MatX - 2nd workshop on "Materials in Extreme Environments", 3-4 November 2014 GSI Helmholtz Centre Darmstadt

Dear colleagues

We would like to inform you about the 2nd workshop on “Materials in Extreme Environments – MatX-2” to be held on the campus of GSI Helmholtz
Centre on November 3-4, 2014.

In continuation of the first successful MatX workshop ( Michigan State University in May 2013), the goal of this two-day workshop is to bring
together experts in the areas given below and to discuss new opportunities, synergies, and challenges in materials science, to
develop methods for resolving materials damage processes at ultrafast time scales, to study swift heavy ion and ultrafast laser damage effects in particular in radiation hard materials such as graphite, diamond, carbon-based composites and alloys. This information exchange is important to optimize and find new materials that are critical to the next-generation of high-power accelerators and to the broader extreme-materials community.

The MatX-2 workshop will focus on the following topics

o  Radiation damage processes and their mitigation with focus on
materials for application in high dose environments

o  Materials with improved response to rapid, high-density energy deposition

o  Experiments and theory of ultrafast timescale damage processes with
swift heavy ions and short-pulsed lasers

o  High-cycle thermo-mechanical stresses and material fatigue studies on
accelerator-related materials

o  In-situ monitoring of beam-induced materials degradation including novel laser-based photon and particle sources

o  Related topics of materials under extreme conditions

The format of the MAtX workshop is invited talks plus a few selected contributions with ample time for discussion. At present two full days are planned and about 30-50 participants are anticipated. There will be no workshop fee.

If you are interested in making an oral contribution please provide us with title and a brief abstract. The MatX steering team will decide if your contribution can be accommodated in the program.

Registration is possible at the conference web-page:


Marilena Tomut (m.tomut@gsi.de)
Christina Trautmann (c.trautmann@gsi.de)
(local MatX organizing team)

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MatX - 2nd workshop on "Materials in Extreme Environments", 3-4 November 2014 GSI Helmholtz Centre Darmstadt